What next after Tokyo Marathon

The purpose of this blog has been served, and I was thinking of officially closing it, but I need to come up with another blog before that(I will come back to that later).

Anyway, my Tokyo results were a big confidence booster given that I was down with Achilles for about 2 months and was suffering from cold during the race. Now I just feel like continuing training just for the sake of it until I decide what races to do.

The areas I would like to focus on now is speed and endurance. Tokyo’s Marathon pace was a very comfortable pace for me, but if I need better times, I need to have a faster times in 5k and 10k. There might be some disagreement in this note, but was thinking of trying to get my 17:30 5k speed and improve it if I can for me to go for a lower 3hrs marathon time.

Yesterday, I went for a first training outing after the Marathon. I did two loops of 4.4 Km. The first loop I went out fast, but could only manage a 17minutes 16 seconds lap. The second loop I did it at a comfortable pace with a surge in the last one kilometer to close the lap at lower 20 minutes.

I would like to be able to close the 4.4 loop in lower 16 minutes or upper 15 minutes. I don’t know if that would happen, let’s see.



Very Unfortunate

I have been really psyched up running Tokyo Marathon and was really glad to overcome the Achilles injury. However, I think this time I am not lucky with Tokyo Marathon. Last Thursday night a strange fever, backache and runny nose started, I thought I got a flu only 3 days before Tokyo, so on Friday morning I went to the hospital. I got some medication but they couldn’t find any flu virus.

After the hospital, I went to the Tokyo Marathon Expo. I was very disappointed that they put me in group D this time. Anyway the expo was really great, but not as great as in 2009.  Many stalls don’t give free samples like before, they just give good offers, but not as good as in 2009.

I got my energy supply pack and a running pocket. So if all goes well, I will pit in on time and try to achieve my goal.

Last night (Friday night) till this morning  I had a 38.6 degrees fever, it makes me feel sick( Nausea, headache and dizziness). I can’t figure out what is the real problem but if tonight I don’ t get better, it means no Tokyo Marathon for me.

Friday run

A bit late putting this up.

Last Friday I did a 17.6km run at a sustainable pace just to pump rhythm in my muscles.  The same evening I had an Orthopedist appointment, and the Orthopedist felt there is no need to adjust the insole anymore, and wished me luck. That was a great relief.

Last week, I ordered the latest Takumi Ren Japan line AdiZero through someone from Adidas at half the retail price.  On Saturday, I collected the shoes from my office, but haven’t tested them yet.  I might test them this evening or on Monday if possible.

I am not yet decided what pair of shoes to use during the race, but the Puma Faas 300 is the highest potential candidate.

The good news is, the Tokyo Marathon weather this year might be the best ever!



A good threshold run

I gave myself a bit of a break after my 30.8K on Saturday.  By Wednesday (Yesterday), I felt good enough to go for a bit of a run.

At the moment mileage is not the main thing anymore as the big day is approaching. The runs I do now are just to sharpen me up and to keep my rhythm going.

The goal wa to do anything above 10k but not over 17.6k.  I was hoping for a 17.6 K, that’s 4 loops of 4.4 under 1hr 15 minutes.  I just felt like I could better my 1 hr 15 minutes I did last Wednesday.

The opening lap wasn’t bad,  I usually go slow at first as the engine needs to get warmed up and the muscles need to soften up a bit.  The first loop went by in about 19minutes 40 seconds.

In the second lap the rhythm was on, and could do it in 18 minutes more or less.

When going onto the third lap, the thought of not pushing myself so hard started playing in my mind.  From my experience, a number of times I ignore such messages, something unpleasant occurs.  Just to be on the safe side, I decided to close the training after 3 loops.

I could manage a 55 minutes 13.3K which was within under 1hr 15 minutes 17.6K goal pace.

I felt like I had a good threshold exercise at the end.

Probably I will do one more run tomorrow.

The first and last Long run before Tokyo Marathon

I have been down with common cold from Thursday. I was thinking of doing a long run this Friday, but my sore throat was so severe.  However, I didn’t want to push the long run next week as my recovery time would be shorter, so today with a bit of cold I decided to take the risk.

I started my run at about 8:40 in the evening.  It wasn’t so cold nor windy, idle situation for a good run apart from my sore throat and a bit of  a cough.  I decided to go for seven 4.4 km loops, but since this was my first 30k training, I was a bit pantsy.  I told myself to go pretty conservatively thinking of the big picture.  It worked well as the first 5 loops went by at a 22 minutes a loop pace.

After the fifth loop, listening to my body, I was confident that I could cover the two more loops at a decent pace.  I picked up the pace to close the two loops at a 20 minutes a loop pace.

Finally  I covered 30.8 kilometres in exactly 2hrs 30 minutes and feeling great!

Looking back: This week was very fruitful. On Monday I did 17.6 K, On Wednesday 17.6 K as well and Today (Sat) 30.8 K.

In total I covered 76Km this week  just after my recovery.

The remaining weeks, I will take things so slow as a taper for the big run.

Today: Second training

Today at about noon, I went out for my second run after a day’s recovery. It felt much better than Monday. I decided to do the same 4.4 loop four times, and was hoping for a 20 minutes a loop pace.

At first I felt stiff due to the chilliness, but after about 2 kilometres my body warmed up.  I hit the first loop in 20 minutes and my rhythm of pre Achilles injury was  coming back.  I am not sure when and where I picked up the pace, but the second lap went fast…18 minutes!  I decided to slow down in the third lap but it was still under 20 (minutes).   The last lap went in 18 minutes like the second one.  Not surprising as last laps are normally fast in many cases. In total I ran in 1 hr 15 minutes for the 4 laps.

I wasn’t thinking bettering my Monday time, but I am glad to cut 5 minutes in my second run with less muscle pain.


My first real training after Achilles injury

On Monday  this week on a chilly weather night,  I went out for a run with doubts, as in the previous week I tested the insoles on 3 occasions without much success. Once in the gym and twice on the road, logging about 30 kilometres in all, but it felt like it wasn’t possible to run over 10Km. Every time I approached the 10km point during the testing period, I felt a bit of pain.

This Monday things were different in that,  last Friday I went to the Orthopedist to report  the pain I experienced when approaching 10k mark. The Orthopedist adjusted the left insole and asked me to try it out again.  So I went out after the rain stopped on Monday, the roads were wet so I avoided the long 5k loop route which had a sharp incline as I approach the Sumida city office. I didn’t want to pick up another injury from slipping.

Instead of the 5k loop, I chose a 4.4k loop which is along the 5 k loop course but less riskier. My first lap went by in 20 minutes and I decided to keep that pace as I listened to my body.   After the second lap, I felt good but a bit shaky.   With a bit of concentration I felt strong enough to go another lap.   In the third lap the body got in a kind of rhythm which made it possible for a fourth lap.

I took exactly 1hr 20 minutes for the four laps which equate to 20 minutes a lap or 17.6 kilometres in 1 hr 20 minutes.

My muscles were sore in the end and my Achilles was burning.

Anyway, it was a good start.