Inspirational Fauja Singh

I was just reading about the 100 year old Marathon record holder from the Guardian.  The guy, a Mr. Fauja Singh went through the cross line after 8 hours and 25 minutes and 16 seconds of running at the age of 100 and believe it or not, he wasn’t the last guy! There were 5 more turtles coming after him.

Fauja has achieved a lot since he started running at 89 years old when he moved to England from India.  He has a list of records from 100 metres  to Marathon.  According to wikipedia:  Timed by officials in Canada, Singh ran the 100 metres in 23.14, 200 metres in 52.23, the 400 metres in 2:13.48, the 800 metres in 5:32.18, the 1500 metres in 11:27.81, the Mile in 11:53.45, the 3000 metres in 24:52.47 and the 5000 metres in 49:57.39. Each time bested the previous record in that age division (some events had no previous record holder as nobody over age 100 had ever attempted to run the distance). Some of his marks are significantly superior to the listed world record in the M95 age group as well.
I also read somewhere that Fauja has 35 years old’s bones and he never drink milk. Mind you he is a pure vegetarian.  This contradicts all the nutrition hype for runners.

One more thing, Fauja runs between 10 to 15 km everyday. That’s more than I put in at the moment by far!

I believe Fauja could even run faster without a turban.

I’m coming for some of your records Mr. Fauja. That’s if I get to see the sun when I am 100.