Wilson Kipketer the former 800m WR holder ran the NY Marathon 2011

Wilson Kipketer originally a Kenyan turned Danish and the former 800m WR holder which stood for 13 years(1:41,11) and recently lost it to David Rudisha of Kenya, ran ING NY Marathon for charity purposes.

Based on his past credentials, I was curious to see what he could run. In comparison with my first Marathon, his splits for the first half were not so different from mine, but he was quite consistent in the second half. Find his splits below(Courtesy of NYC Marathon website).

He ran through at 7:40 mile pace and his splits from 35k point are as follows;

35k – 2:40:21

40k- 3:07:35

For my second Marathon, I would like to better Kipketer’s time of 3:20:48


5 km 10 km 15 km 20 km 13.1 mi 25 km 30 km 35 km 40 km
03:20:48 00:22:21 00:43:38 01:04:45 01:25:40 01:30:14 01:47:25 02:14:41 02:40:21 03:07:35

ING NY Marathon Results

Congrats for those who got the prediction correct!

Geoffrey Mutai the world fastest Marathon runner with a PR of 2:03:02, proved that his time in Boston was not a fluke. There seven studs by the 32 Kilometre mark, but when Mutai made his move, no one could challenge him.

2011 ING NYC Marathon winner Geoffrey Mutai an...
Geoffrey Mutai in the leading pack: pic by Jonathan Percy

Gebremariam tried to pull his last year gig by taking off his gloves and knit cap when G. Mutai started pulling away. At first I thought Gebremariam is down to serious business and won’t let G. Mutai get away. That was never to be as with every stride Mutai seemed to increase his lead. He crossed the line after 2hrs 5minutes 5 second. The runner up was Emanuel Mutai, followed by Tsegaye Kebede in that order.

As for the ladies side, Mary Keitany was too strong for the field but she pulled away too early and had to work so hard alone for about 30 or more kilometres.

At one point she was leading by 2 and half minutes, and was running at 3minutes 15 seconds Kilometre pace. However when approaching the 30k mark her pace started going south and she was doing about 3minutes 40 seconds kilometre pace.  The chase group led by Buzunesh Deba took advantage of that and started eating into her lead.

Buzunesh Deba leading the chase group: Picture by Andy

It was painful to see Mary Keitany getting caught up at 40km mark despite leading all the way. Buzunesh did all the work leading the chase group but paid the price when she lost to Dado (someone I didn’t consider for contention).

Nevertheless, Mary Keitany is still the best Marathoner in the world now and the only lady who can get the Marathon World record at the moment.  NY was her only 3rd Marathon, I believe it will serve as a good lesson and experience for her future runs.

ING NYC Marathon women Elite field(Predict!)

All photos are courtesy of  http://www.nycmarathon.org/pro_women.htm

Three ladies might dictate the pace and the outcome of ING NY Marathon, and the most favorite one is Mary Keitany  of Kenya who is the current half Marathon World record holder. She won 2011 Virgin London Marathon in her second Marathon Majors outing in 2:19: 19, lowering her debut time in 2010 ING NYC by 10 minutes.

Caroline Kilel of Kenya, is the second lady who factors in this race. She is Boston 2011 Marathon champion and has won a number of Marathons in various places including Nairobi which is deemed quite a high altitude place, and competitive. She has all it takes to give Mary Keitany a run for her win!

Inga Abitova of Russia, is a strong force in Marathon and is one of the elites who can mar a Kenyan one two or even a Kenyan win. She has more or less sam PR of about 2hrs 22 min like Caroline Kilel, and following the great performance of her county mate Liliya Shobhukova in 2hrs 18 min 20 seconds and a Russian record, she might be here to get back her pride.

Others who might factor

Buzunesh Deba from Ethiopia, but a NY resident. Recently she had a PR of  2:23:31 in San Diego which suggests she is closing the gap and can possibly PR once again in ING NYC Marathon.

Isabellah Anderson a forme Kenyan but now a Swedish citizen. She is a four time champion of Stockholm Marathon from 2008 to 2011 and has a PR of 2:23:41. Her consecutive wins in Stockholm shows that she is mature and experienced to get the wins. Her experience might come handy in ING NYC Marathon.

Last but not least, I just want to recognize Galina Bogomolova, who has the second fastest time in elite’s field of 2:20: 47. However, the only problem is her PR is 5 years ago(2006), so she might be past her prime and probably not a factor at all.  Nevertheless, her experience might be something worth a respect in the field.

Who will win?

Mutais Battle at ING NYC Marathon (Predict!)

All pictures courtesy of  http://www.nycmarathon.org/pro_men.htm

In a few days ING New York Marathon will see the Battle of two Mutai’s from Kenya.

Although they share a surname, they are not related as far as their blood is concerned, but they are related to their picking timing.

Geoffrey Mutai, Like Emmanuel Mutai, has never won a major marathon prior to this year. They were both runners up, but come 2011, they stepped up their game.  In 2011 Emmanuel Mutai won the Virgin London Marathon in a course record time of 2hr 4min 40 seconds, while Geoffrey Mutai won Boston Marathon with the world’s fastest time of 2hrs 3min and 02 seconds.

Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya, the favorite with the fastest time in the world! 2hrs 3min and 2 seconds!

Emmanuel Mutai of Kenya, the most resilient athlete, who could keep the same pace despite throwing up in mid race.

Gebre Gebremariam is one of the two men in the Elite field who can stop the Mutais or spoil their running pattern. He is currently the second fastest Ethiopian after Haile and is the defending champion at ING NYC Marathon.

Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia, is one of the men who has all it take to upset any of the favorites above.  He is even more resilient than Gebre.  If he has a good day, he can fight tooth and nail for the win.  His PR is not as fast as the first three, but he  improves with every race.

Mathew Kisorio, if there is a debut man that might cause an upset, there is no other than Mathew Kisorio from Kenya.  He has the fastest half marathon time among the elites in the field at 58:46.  If his transition is smooth, we might have a debut man in the top three.

Jouad Gharib of Morocco is a great Marathoner, but his winning and runner up days are almost over.  The best he can do is probably number 3 upwards, but definitely in the top 10.

Feyisa Lelisa a young Ethiopian, is only 21 and  shows a lot of promise. He ran 2:05:03 in Rotterdam, he has great potential but he hasn’t shown great killer instincts in a loaded race.  So he might not be a factor here, but definitely in the top 10.

Other elites in the field won’t factor much as the top 7 mentioned Elites here will dictate the outcome.

Who do you think will win?