Sunday night run

At about 11pm at night I decided to go for my two loops. I had a long day at work and it looked like it might rain by 8pm in the evening, but by 10pm the cloud cover had gone and it wasn’t so cold.

I wasn’t sure if I could run faster than my Friday run, but when I hit the 3km mark I realized I was about one minute ahead of  Friday’s time. I tried to keep the same rhythm but by 4km point the stitch which was developing from the 3.5km point suddenly became unbearable and I had to slow down to almost a halt.  I jogged a bit and picked up the pace once the stitch was bearable.  In the back of my mind, I thought 17 minutes zone is not possible today.

However, when approaching 200metres to go I noticed to my surprise that I can close the lap in 16 minutes zone, so  I went hard for it and closed at 16:43. I believe if not for the stitch it could have been in the 16:30 zone or even under.

The next lap I went slow, and could close the lap in 19:12 comfortably.

I am glad to have gone into 16 minutes zone in my second outing.




What next after Tokyo Marathon

The purpose of this blog has been served, and I was thinking of officially closing it, but I need to come up with another blog before that(I will come back to that later).

Anyway, my Tokyo results were a big confidence booster given that I was down with Achilles for about 2 months and was suffering from cold during the race. Now I just feel like continuing training just for the sake of it until I decide what races to do.

The areas I would like to focus on now is speed and endurance. Tokyo’s Marathon pace was a very comfortable pace for me, but if I need better times, I need to have a faster times in 5k and 10k. There might be some disagreement in this note, but was thinking of trying to get my 17:30 5k speed and improve it if I can for me to go for a lower 3hrs marathon time.

Yesterday, I went for a first training outing after the Marathon. I did two loops of 4.4 Km. The first loop I went out fast, but could only manage a 17minutes 16 seconds lap. The second loop I did it at a comfortable pace with a surge in the last one kilometer to close the lap at lower 20 minutes.

I would like to be able to close the 4.4 loop in lower 16 minutes or upper 15 minutes. I don’t know if that would happen, let’s see.