Tokyo Marathon Course Record:Expect it to go down today

Tokyo Marathon course record stands at 2:07:23 by Victor Rothlin way back in 2008 and in women it stands at 2:25:38 by Nasukawa Mizuho in 2009. However given the participation of the former Marathon King, Haile Gebreselasie with a 2:03:59 best time along with Jafred Kipchumba and Michael Kipyego with 2:05 and 2:06 best times last year respectively. In addition, Viktor Rothlin is also invited to defend his course record. Therefore, there is nothing more to expect than a new course record in men’s .

Women’s course record is not so much under threat, but we have to recognize the presence of three ladies, who ran under 2:25 last year. Helena Kirop from Kenya with a 2hrs 23:37 Venice Marathon win, Habtamu Atsede from Ethiopia 2:24: 25 Berlin Marathon 2011, 4th and Jerusalem Kuma from Ethiopia with a 2:24:55 Amsterdam Marathon 2011 2nd.

Let’s see


One thought on “Tokyo Marathon Course Record:Expect it to go down today

  1. khalfish February 27, 2012 / 2:46 am

    I was wrong about the men’s course record. Haile performed under par at best shattering the course record hope. As for the women, I was not counting for the course record to go down but if so I was rooting for Helena Kiprop to get the course record based on her time, but Atsede Habtamu from Ethiopia did it barely, with a great final charge.

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