Achilles Tendon and the road to recovery

I read somewhere that Achilles Tendon is the strongest tendon yet the weakest. many athletes fell victim to Achilles injury.  The problem is common among athletes especially when the training or exercise involves a burst of speed.  On another note, it is said to be common among athletes aged 30 to 40, which puts me on the spot.

I am sorry that I haven’t been writing about my recovery process. At first, I thought I could just chill for a week or so before getting back on my feet, and I did just that to my doom.

I got injured on 8th December, but kept running lightly on and off which really delayed the healing process.  To be exact, I ran a number of 5ks (about 3) after the injury, but the worse came on 21st December when I did a 10k in the evening.

After the run, my Achilles was not only swollen, but it felt like there was a gel in it, which I later found out from my doctor that it might have been collagen build up.

From 22nd Dec I started going to an Orthopedist who helped me back in 2009. I went through some conditioning rehabilitation that involved some massage and various exercises.  He also recommended I get insole, as my foot is quite flat. (As an after post: Recently I went to Adidas shop in Harajuku to use their foot scan, and the shop assistant didn’t feel my foot was as flat as the doctor suggested….)

In short, the orthopedist believed that my injury was due to my foot flatness. I couldn’t figure out exactly what that meant, but he tried to tell me that with lots of mileage and speed outbursts, flat footed runners tend to stress the Achilles more than the arch footed ones. Anyway, I didn’t care so much of the technicalities as long as I  get back on the road soon for the Tokyo Marathon training.

From last week I received my insoles, and tested them on the treadmill. They felt good, but I have to test them on the road longer.

The training is on, see other posting!