Week 7; Day 3: Training chances are quite slim today

I didn’t have much time to train today as I had an appointment with a Lawyer during the day. The consultation went well, and now I kind of know how to handle the bike issue.  The problem is the Japanese needed for the necessary paper work is far beyond me.

Anyway, the day is not over yet. I won’t be surprised if I run late at night, but the chances are quite slim.  Probably I will train a bit tomorrow.  In case I train tomorrow, that would be the last training this week before the Yokohama Half Marathon this Sunday.

I will keep you posted about the Yokohama half as soon as I get the necessary info.



Week 7; Day 2: 15k and a bit change of plans

Today I did a 15k as planned. I started the first lap as a warm up in 23:10, then pushed the two last laps to finish at 1hr 5min 21 seconds.

There is a bit of change of plans. I won’t be doing 25k long run this week, as I might possibly be running Yokohama half marathon.

A husband of a friend of mine won’t be running so I will be taking his slot at a discounted price. The worry is they haven’t received the racing stuff yet, hopefully they will get it few days before the race, and I hope to get the stuff on time.

Anyway, I will do the half as training. I won’t be fighting for big time, but would rather go for my projected Marathon pace. I hope to clock not more than 1hr 35 min.

Will keep you posted !



Week 7; Day 1: A 10k (21:43 and 19:38 5k splits with a 20 minutes break)

I was planning to do a 10k to start up my training week, but in the first lap I felt a little uncomfortable with stomach issues, so I decided to do two laps with a break in between.

Anyway, I tried to make the second lap a quality lap by running under 20 minutes 5k.

The first lap I did in 21:43 and the second in 19:38

If all goes well, I will be doing a 15k tomorrow.




Week 6; Day 5: Follow up 10k

Normally I like closing my week with a long run or if I do a long run, I prefer at least 24 hours recovery. Today was a bit unusual, I did a long run follow up run within 12 hours recovery.

Such short recovery follow up runs as risky as they might be, they are also very beneficial as far as physical and mental strength of a runner is concerned. From my experience today, it felt like I was running after about 20k.

Normally, after 15 or 20k, I usually feel my stomach muscles beginning to work, I never feel that in the fast two laps. Today, from the word go, I felt my stomach muscles working and every move was as laborious as the last laps of my long run. In short it was like doing another long run!

Week 6 total run: 45K

Week 6; Day 4: My Second 25k- Quite satisfactory!

This week things are a bit slow as I missed two training days due to an issue with my motorbike. The issue is ongoing, so I might probably miss training here and there until the issue is resolved.

On Thursday at about 11: 30 pm I went out for a 25k. Based on my last week’s 25k, I realized I can do under 5 minutes a kilometre pace, and since my Marathon goal pace is 23 minutes 5k pace, I decided to try and do 23min laps pace.

See splits below:

5k = 23;19

10k = 46:21

15k = 1:08:10

20k = 1:30:10

25k = 1:51:57

For the first 10k the pace was like a clock work, but in the lap between 10k and 15k I met a runner who kind of pushed me a bit and I threw in a 22 minutes lap. Between 15 and 20k, no one was pushing me, but I just kept the flow and could do another 22 minutes lap. The final lap was a bit under 22 minutes.

Looking at the splits, I can see that if I can keep that pace to the end, I might break Keter’s  3hrs 20. There is still a lot need to be done, but today my second 25k was quite satisfactory!

Week 6; Day 1: Probably the toughest slow 10k

This afternoon I pigged out at  Ueno on my way home. It was an all you can eat Thai cuisine. I wasn’t thinking much of training , but when I got home, I felt strongly like adding up to my mileage.

By the time I started my run, my stomach was still so packed. I thought things will get better after a Kilometre or so. However, for the first 4 Kilometres things were awful. The spicy green curry was coming up my throat, the stomach was in a kind of a squeeze to the extent that I felt a bit of pain in my heart as I breathe. No wonder Thailand is not popular for long distance runners.

Anyway, things got better after the 4 th Kilometre, but as I got to the 7th Kilometre point, I really wanted a toilet break.

Anyway, I could do a 48 minutes 10k, then relieved myself before doing some drills for 20 minutes.

I am looking forward for another 25k this week, if all goes well.

Week 5; Day 4: The first 25 K

I think I will call it a week after today’s training. This week was a bit crazy, starting with a 20k long run, then a fast paced 10k and today I felt like doing the first 25k.

See one of the sightings along my running course.

Tokyo - Azumabashi: Asahi Beer Tower Beer Hall...
Image by wallyg via Flickr

I started my run about 10:45 and I did it in a 5k loop along the Sumida River. I am so bad at loops, as I easily give up when the going gets tough, but this time I wanted to overcome such weakness.

My intention was to do a 5 min a Kilometre pace throughout and things went as planned. The splits were as follows:

The first lap (5k) : 24:49

The second lap(10k): 49: 10

The third lap (15k): 1:13:45

The fourth lap (20k): 1:36:40

The fifth lap (25K): 1:59:18

Along the race, I felt waves of weakness, but my body held up well with every bout. I noticed that I can do 20k quite comfortably but 25k is the beginning of my marathon troubles. If I pushed myself to 30k the can of worms that I talked about before, could have been wide opened.

Anyway, good I could put in my first 25k, I hope to do a couple of 25ks in the coming weeks, before trying venturing into 30K

Weeks 5 total run: 55Km